Mindful Eating: The Key to Eating What You Want and Fully Enjoying It


Creating a healthy relationship with food is the ultimate goal when working toward eating healthier. Mindful eating is the key. It takes the emphasis off the numbers and puts it on trusting your body to tell you you’re providing the right nourishment to live. Not spending time and energy on stressing over whether you’re doing the ‘right’ thing frees that time and energy up to put toward more productive things...like finding your joy!.

Learn more about the benefits of mindful eating, how to get started and make it work for you.

When was the last time you let food sit on your plate, taking a long deep inhale to smell its flavors, a moment to sense its textures, and a pause to take in the experience of the meal?

Now ask yourself: When was the last time you rushed through lunch at your desk, or your kitchen counter, to quickly get to your next task?

You can probably easily think of an answer for the latter, but may struggle to remember a time when you truly stopped to eat mindfully and enjoy your meal.

If you recently had a snack that disappeared before you realized you were on your last bite, or a meal that you barely tasted because you consumed it so quickly, you may benefit from eating mindfully. If you're struggling with feeling hungry soon after eating—or the opposite, consistently too full from your meals or snacks—you may benefit from eating mindfully.

In fact, we could probably all benefit from more enjoyment and satisfaction in our eating experiences. Mindful eating may help with all of that.

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Source: EatingWell


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