• Make yourself a priority in mind, time and daily effort? 
  • Commit to making more of your own food and/or learning how to be better prepared to eat healthier?
  • Be willing to include more plain water and most likely a lot more vegetables into your daily eating plan?
  • If not already, stop eating fast food, candy and drinking soda/pop often?
  • Focus on stress management, sleep, and fun as part of your plan?
  • Commit to regular follow-up for accountability and a better chance of success?

If you can answer YES to the questions above,
YOU ARE READY and it’s time to sign up!

If not, wait to contact me until you can answer yes to all of the questions above.

When someone comes to me ready to make important changes, they are more successful in reaching their goals. Period. When you commit fully to working with me, I commit this to you…I will be your nutrition expert, your guide, your source for true nutrition information based on science (not hype), and I'll be your cheerleader. I will be honest in my feedback and recommendations, even if it’s not necessarily what you want to hear but need to, in order for you to be successful.

Your success is my success!