Cook * nourish * enjoy



Cooking demos blending the art of cooking with the science of nutrition, translating nutrition advice to the plate!

Each demo unique to a specific function using specific ingredients and cooking methods to unleash the power of food with easy and delicious recipes.

We’ll prepare restaurant quality dishes with recipes that help prevent and treat disease.

Too often nutrition advice comes off complicated and hard to apply to real life. These cooking demos answer the question, “What do I eat when I have ________ or when I want to learn to eat for ________?” Fill in the blank with the topics listed below that may apply to you, then check our offering of upcoming classes:

  • Inflammation

  • Cancer

  • Heart Disease

  • Diabetes

  • Digestive disorders and disease

  • Prevention

  • Longevity

All demos use whole foods, focusing on the importance of cooking with seasonal, local ingredients that are sustainable, organic, and non-GMO whenever possible. Making healthy food taste delicious all while showing you how easy it is to prepare.

Small group demos allow for a more personalized experience to enjoy the information, food & fun, so join us at Maria Weber RD/Active Nutrition’s new demo ‘kitchen’ in Orchard Park, New York.

Upcoming Classes:

Cool the fire! An Anti-inflammatory eating plan

Inflammation is the ‘fire’ that drives pain and disease.

Register required - space is limited to only 10!

COST:   $20 per person. Includes handouts, recipes and samples

Plant-forward eating: Flexitarian NOT Vegetarian

It’s all about the power of plants. You don’t have to give up meat to reap the rewards of a plant-based way of eating. Let’s just get to a way of eating that nourishes our body, focusing on healthy food we CAN eat, rather than those we CAN’T. Especially as a means of cancer prevention/treatment and prevention/management of heart disease.

We are what THEY eat - Gut health

By now you may have heard of the microbiome. Even if you haven’t you know a healthy gut represents a healthy whole body.

Mediterranean Made Easy

The Mediterranean Diet is not really a diet but a way of eating healthy! It's inspired by the conventional diet of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea and has been shown to lower the risk of heart disease. The guidelines include plenty of vegetables, some fruit, legumes and whole grains, healthy fats, but especially fish. Oh yes...and wine! We’ll make and enjoy a few quick, easy and healthy dishes - including a few fish dishes - in the Mediterranean way!

Cooking with Herbs & Spices for Health

We know herbs and spices provide flavor, but did you know that herbs and spices have the most bang for our buck when it comes to how little is necessary to gain the health benefits!

Real Food Protein Power

Protein is important to health but how does protein translate to the plate without being too heavy in animal sources. Find out how much protein YOU actually need, boost your protein intake with real food and not all meat and dairy!