Introducing My Gut Program,
a Gut Restoration program that works!

MyGutProgram is a 6-week therapeutic program tailored to your individual needs, using a variety of tools, to help heal your gut revitalizing you back to health. 

At your first visit, (in-person or virtually) the MyGutProgram starts with an individual evaluation. Understanding the current status of gastrointestinal health helps me determine your individualized lifestyle program including your specific food plan. 

Over the next 4 consecutive weekly meetings (in-person or by webinar):

· Support your therapeutic food plan with recipes and practical “how-to” cooking demos. 

· Discuss and apply Functional Medicine's 5R GI Restoration Protocol, which may include specific nutraceuticals or supplementation.

· Learn stress recovery practices –from simple stress management tips and techniquesto a comprehensive stress recovery program.

· Using movement as medicine in its many forms, start moving and maintain movement as one of the most powerful prescriptions.

At the end of your 6-week program will have a final evaluation of your results and discuss your plans beyond this program.