Virtual Nutrition Counseling

What is it?  And how does it work?



It’s a way to meet with your Dietitian/Nutritionist when and where it’s most convenient for you – from home, during lunch at work, or when you’re traveling anywhere! No more factoring in office visits, drive time, weather and traffic!


Sessions can be done by video or phone and can be scheduled at any time of the day. Use the HEALTHIE website or an app on your tablet or phone, to schedule appointments to talk or video chat, track food and log workouts, set and track goals, sync with fitness trackers – like FitBit, and send/receive secure messages and documents, and more. It’s all HIPPA and PCI-compliant security.


Greater access for questions…more frequent check-ins…consistent motivation and accountability – It all adds up to a greater chance of your long term success.


Click the link below to set your first appointment, at your convenience, and I'll take it from there. Be sure to select telehealth as your appointment type when you book your appointment. You will be contacted by email to get the process started! If you're feeling a little intimated by this type of appointment, let me ease your mind that it's easier and more convenient than you might expect, and I will be here to guide you through the process to get comfortable enough to make it work for you!

Give it a may be pleasantly surprised!


Video Consultations

Secure Messaging
Real-time Feedback

Track Your Goals
and Progress

Easy to Use Food Logs
And Journals

Download Meal Plans,
Recipes and More

Easy Link to Wearable
Activity Trackers

Post photos - Food, 
Activities & Weight Loss

Automatic Appointment

the healthie app

Introducing Healthie, your personal profile for health and wellness. Seamlessly take photos of your food, selfies (or "healthies") of your body, and record workouts, metrics, and more. Upload these to your personal newsfeed to view a chronological dashboard of your health, and enjoy tracking your outcomes and achieving your goals.

Partner with a nutrition professional who can review your uploads and provide advice along the way.

At Healthie, we know there is no one-size-fits-all solution to health, and understand that calorie-counting and fad diets just don't work. We believe in mindful, sustainable approaches to health, and connect users with experts in nutrition to enable positive outcomes. Get Healthie, Be Healthie.

Here's what our users are saying:

"Put simply, Healthie has changed my life. I have lost weight, but more so than that, have completely changed my relationship with food for the better."

"I absolutely love taking pictures of my food. It's so much easier than calorie counting or keeping a food journal."
"It's like Instagram, but for my health."

"Now when I meet with my dietitian, I can easily show her my Healthie profile and we have great (and specific) discussions about mindful eating, balancing my meals, and how making small changes in my diet can have a large impact."