Because it all starts and ends in the gut...

Gut Check-Up is a 4-WEEK THERAPEUTIC program tailored to your individual needs, using a variety of tools, to help your body heal, revitalizing you back to health.

Your Gut Check-Up begins with an evaluation of your current health status to determine your individual treatment strategy and path to wellness. At each of 6 weekly meetings we will cover the food plan, the Functional Medicine's 5R Gut Restoration Program, learn various stress recovery practices and use movement, in its many forms to help you build the skills you need to meet your health goals. A final evaluation at the end of the 6 weeks will determine your results and your follow-up plan beyond the program.

Research has shown the power of groups when it comes to motivation and accountability. What makes this program different is that it uses the power of the group along with the experience of a clinical dietitian/integrative nutritionist, using functional medicine protocols that are based in sound science, to get maximum, targeted and effective results to reach your individual health goals.

Revitalize your health through the gut and learn to maintain optimal health and wellness.


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Active Nutrition does not process insurance claims. All fees are paid at time of service or prior to appointment, depending on how appointments are booked. You may be eligible for reimbursement of services through your health insurance plan. We provide appropriately coded documentation of service for this purpose.

 Group education using Food First: Food Plan protocols for a 10- or 28-day elimination and reintroduction challenge, including the use of Functional Medicine’s 5R GI Restoration Program.


Group education using LEARN, LIVE, REPEAT, a comprehensive stress recovery program or just simple stress management tips & techniques.


group education to start moving and maintain movement as one of the most powerful prescriptions for health or just simple movement tips and techniques.


Specific nutraceuticals may be recommended, on an individual basis, to replace missing digestive factors, reinoculate microflora, aid in healing, or relieve symptoms associated with discomfort.