Manage Inflammation & Pain
with Nutrition

August 20th 2019 @ 6:30pm
SPORTS FOCUS PT Building - 3940 California Road  Orchard Park

Chronic inflammation and pain can be better managed with a combination of supportive phytochemicals from the inclusion of a variety of foods, herbs & spices, and nutraceuticals (nutritional supplements) along with a few small lifestyle changes. We’ll discuss the process of inflammation and pain in the body and how the inclusion of the right strategies to support anti-inflammation and reduced pain can work for you. You’ll leave with some important recommendations, easy ideas and specific foods/recipes to include to try for yourself.

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When it comes to finding credible advice on your health, it can be overwhelming.  Online “information” is everywhere. But is it accurate? Can it be trusted?  There’s always someone trying to sell you “too-good-to-be-true” fixes. And then there’s the ever-changing releases of the mass media bombarding us every day.

Let’s schedule a FREE 15-minute Introductory call. We can briefly discuss your needs and determine how best to proceed. Just click below to select the date/time most convenient for you.



Initial Consultation Session (60 minutes)

  • Initial nutrition, physical, family history assessment

  • Goal setting & step-by-step plan

  • Meal plan, Meal & snack ideas, recipes

  • Supporting nutrition resources

  • In person, by phone, or virtual - online

This $100 fee can be applied toward the 12-week virtual coaching package after the first meeting.